Tony Key, senior vice president of Ubisoft, said at E3 that the commercial success of Watch Dogs showed that the brand has staying power. In , a Ubisoft developer accidentally revealed that Watch Dogs 2 was in development, further suggesting that the game is in the works. In May 2016, the game was confirmed and from then until November 15, its release, many early gameplay videos and features were revealed.

The development of Watch Dogs 2 was very heavily influenced by feedback from the first game. One of the first things the developers worked on were the driving mechanics, which senior producer Dominic Guay described as «polarizing» in the first game, and that «some people liked it, some people didn’t like it.» Other things added into the game based on player feedback from the first game included a more «likable» protagonist, expanded gameplay mechanics more centric around hacking, a more expansive and interactive open world, and more customizable clothing options. Further player feedback also caused Ubisoft to delay the release of the PC port by two weeks, in order to incorporate features specifically requested by PC players.

Про что игра?

Перво-наперво, краткий ликбез для тех, кто не играл ни в одну часть Watch Dogs (на данный момент их две). Watch Dogs — это игры с открытым миром, имитирующим реальный город США (в первой части — Чикаго, во второй — Сан-Франциско). В чём-то игры можно сравнить с серией GTA — здесь тоже нужно выполнять миссии, нередко — стрелять, можно угонять любые машины. 

По городу можно свободно перемещаться

Главное отличие от GTA — в Watch Dogs мы играем за хакера, а потому во многих ситуациях можем обойтись без стрельбы, достаточно уметь взламывать различные системы. При этом, если без стрельбы игру пройти можно, то без взлома — никак. Но не волнуйтесь, взломать что-то здесь довольно просто — в этом смысле Watch Dogs мало отличается от многочисленных фильмов про хакеров. Взлом систем представлен красивой визуализацией и несложными головоломками.

Природа стала «живее»

Ну и все задания и прочие штуки отслеживаются через смартфон героя. Там что-то вроде приложений, в которых мы и выбираем задания, а также прокачиваем собственные способности. Смартфон же является основным инструментом взлома.

Игра про хакеров — это круто и свежо. Про них столько фильмов сняли, а вот толковой игры (ну кроме Uplink, но это совсем другое) до Watch Dogs не было. Пожалуй, главной проблемой первой части было то, что обычный такой хакер являлся собой Ларой Крофт и Нейтаном Дрейком в одном флаконе. И это, конечно, немного диссонировало с игрой.

Режим вождения от первого лица (опционально) очень похож на первую часть

Логично было бы во второй части переработать боевую систему, чтобы воевать с пушкой наголо было настолько сложно, что просто невыгодно, и мотивировать игрока стать стопроцентным хакером, а не универсальным солдатом. Увы, с первой же миссии второй части очевидно, что разработчиков неслабая физическая подготовка простого паренька-хакера ничуть не смущает. У Эйдана Пирса, героя первой Watch Dogs, хотя бы возраст был оправданием его способностей. Но Маркус — совсем молодой. А воюет как суперсолдат.

Перестрелять всех в округе? Конечно, любой хакер это умеет  

Более того, теперь Маркус — не просто Лара Крофт и Нейтан Дрейк, но ещё и и Сэм Фишер (главный герой Splinter Cell). У Маркуса в распоряжении появились гаджеты: двухколёсный джампер и квадрокоптер — ну всё как в Splinter Cell. И даже разделение гаджетов по стилям боя — один-в-один (с поправкой на синонимы) как в Splinter Cell — призрак, боец, ловкач. А ещё Маркус в ближнем бою орудует чем-то похожим на удавку Агента 47 (Hitman).


Before the Bad Blood DLC, Defalt’s personality was mostly unclear. However it is shown through his messages and attitude towards Aiden that he is very arrogant and puts himself above others. He is also childish in some points, as seen how he writes with smileys and internet slang terms such as ‘LOL’, however it is shown that he does so to provoke Aiden. In Bad Blood, this aspect of his personality is elaborated upon further by showing his history with DedSec and T-Bone.

It is also shown that he displays advanced levels of psychopathy, such as when he giggles insanely when watching T-Bone get gassed. He also personally creates electrical re-enactments of the deaths of the eleven people who died in the northeast blackout and takes great pleasure when T-Bone becomes emotionally distraught because of this.

Despite his psychopathic nature, it is clearly obvious that vengeance has consumed him. His only true mission in life was to get revenge on Ray «T-Bone» Kenney, for causing the Northeast Blackout of 2003, which resulted in his brother escaping a mental ward and committing suicide. This also shows his love for his brother. It is seen as so deep, that because of Ray Kenney unintentionally causing his death, Defalt let vengeance completely consume him.


Self-described as the «world’s foremost innovator of high-tech, high-performance communications and security technology», Blume Corporation specializes in everything from wireless phone operating systems, home computers, to digital imaging processors, and linked-by-network security systems. They take great pride in the fact that they helped create most of the markets they now dominate. Blume stands poised to reshape the way people think about Information Security Architecture (ISA).

Blume had its own security contractors in Watch Dogs to protect the company’s major interests like CTOS Control Centers, Blume property, etc. These security members could be identified with CTOS signs on their gray uniforms. They were notorious for various criminal records of its members. In Watch Dogs 2, Blume hires Umeni Security Corps to provide security to their facilities. It is unknown if this was only for the Bay Area or if Umeni Security Corps were also contracted to replace Blume facilities in Chicago after the events of Watch Dogs.

Blume made many sketchy deals with organizations by giving them access to CTOS data and related technology like the Bellwether system, in exchange for funding and information. This in turn created one of the largest corrupt corporate monopolies that even included U.S. government agencies such as the FBI.


  • High Intelligence: Tobias possesses mechanical aptitude and is highly inventive. He’ll often build tools to covertly sell at his shop.
  • Combat Skills: Tobias is skilled in the use of firearms, as he was seen wielding a P-9mm pistol when he was being chased by Aiden Pearce, and he is shown to have decent aim; when Pearce was chasing him through High Grove, Tobias shot at gas tanks to hinder him. However, his combat performance relies solely on the use of firearms, as he was quickly dispatched and disarmed by Pearce when he was finally cornered.
  • Athletic Skills: Despite his frail appearance, Tobias was able to temporarily evade Pearce when he was chased through High Grove, notably scaling neighborhood obstacles with little trouble.


Маркус также может делать другие вещи: управлять окружающими приборами, шлагбаумом и другими преградами. Также он может взрывать паровые трубы и другие механизмы. Маркус может взламывать людей и брать у них банковский счет, ботнет-ресурсы. Кроме того что он может брать ботнет-ресурсы и банковский счет он может подслушивать чужие телефонные разговоры и подсматривать чужие переписки. С улучшениями Маркус сможет: управлять машинами не садясь в них, управлять подъёмниками, использовать шоковые гранаты и СВУ, управлять роботами, отключать системы безопасности, может угонять транспорт без сирены, разгонять машины до максимальной скорости, возвращать вертолёты на базу, позволяет делать людей целью банд или полиции, отвлекать людей, может взламывать светофоры и устроить хаос на дороге, отключать все объекты на время находящийся рядом с Маркусом, отключать свет рядом с ним. Маркус может переодеваться в разную одежду покупая ее или получить бесплатно. Он может покупать машины и заказывать их, но для этого ему нужно приложение «Машина по требованию». Также машину можно не покупать и найти разные машины которые потом можно будет заказывать.


Security robots are autonomous surveillance devices that roll around, patrolling the perimeter of any given area they are assigned to. They assist guards by plugging gaps in security and alerting guards to intruders. When an intruder is spotted, the robot will activate an alarm, causing nearby guards to start a search in the area (though it won’t trigger the faction “Escaping” screen, which means Marcus won’t have to escape from the guards) and the robot will attempt to call reinforcements. However, unlike guard dogs, robots don’t count as members of Umeni, or any faction they are helping, which means when they detect Marcus, the faction won’t engage him in combat. They have an LED display on their «face», showing «emotions» for programmed responses corresponding to their current status. Their neutral face is a green smile.

They can be hacked in three different ways: they can be powered off temporarily, they can be turned into a «party bot» or be turned into a «love bot.» As the names suggest, the party bot sequence makes them dance and play music, showing various colors of different faces, and the lovebot sequence makes them display pink heart eyes on their LED displays. The «love bot» mode will cause them seek out nearby NPC’s and charge into them, knocking them out. They can usually be found patrolling important buildings, but they are also common in wealthier neighborhoods of the Bay Area, being used to guard homes from intrusion.


  • He likes video games such as Glitch Wars, baseball, and science fiction.
  • He owns a «Raving Rabbid» remote control toy in his bedroom. It can be seen in his bedroom and when hacked, plays the «bwaaaaa» sound effect.
  • He is the only child (excluding those found/heard in Privacy Invasions) to be shown alive in the game.
  • His birthday is in September, revealed in Big Brother, as the game takes place in September .
  • In Bloodline, he mentions that he volunteers as a street medic at DedSec protests and is well-acquainted with Connie Robinson.
  • Jackson’s working-world experience in college included an internship as a researcher at bus manufacturer E-storm, as revealed in Hostile Takeover.


Заметно, что Ренч обладает бунтарским и юмористичным характером, особенно во время катсцены, когда он пытается достать чип из тостера: вместо того, чтобы осторожно разобрать и вынуть чип, он бьет устройство молотом. Однако, Ренч является одним из самых агрессивных членов DedSec, что можно заметить в диалоге с Маркусом, когда мужчина говорит, что они воюют против всех, даже с щенками

Его агрессия распространяется и на его стратегическое мышление — во время операции «False Profiles» он предлагает солгать насчет Церкви New Dawn для того, чтобы опозорить их, но Маркус и Ситара отклонили предложение Ренча, объяснив, что это может быть слишком рискованным шагом для их репутации.

Ренч имеет страсть к шипам и панк-стилю, что сказывается на его стиле одежды. Он иногда посещал вечеринки, выпивая пиво под маской. Некоторые люди говорят, что видели Ренча без маски, хотя сам Ренч отрицает такую вероятность.

Судя по аудиологу в игре, ФБР продвинуло психологический профиль Ренча, определив, что у того было сложное, проблемной детство, не исключая возможности насилия. Таким образом, он неуклюж в общении с девушками, замкнут в выражении своих эмоций, из — за чего вынужден носить маску, которая играет роль «показателя» того, как он себя сейчас чувствует.

В другом аудиологе в игре можно услышать, что Гораций утверждает, что Ренч носит маску для того, чтобы обойти системы распознавания лица ctOS, но, возможно, для этого есть более веские причины, например, сокрытие своего прошлого. Но так же Гораций подчеркнул, что Ренч бывает добрым и чутким.

Дополнение Bloodlines раскрывает игроку новые черты характера персонажа. Там он представлен немного наивным и мечтательным, но, в то же время, изобретательным и настойчивым в достижении целей. Его действия логичны и, чаще всего, обдуманы, даже несмотря на эмоциональность. Также Ренч, сочетая высокий интеллект и свойственное ему грубоватое чувство юмора, способен находить достаточно оригинальные и неожиданные решения проблемных ситуаций. Так, например, похитив «Брока-мост», он за короткое время смастерил взрывное устройство, являющееся его точной копией, а настоящий гаджет отправил в полет по Лондону с почтовым дроном; медикаменты для Эйдена предлагает найти путем угона машины «Скорой помощи», но по итогу похищает их со склада с помощью собственного грузового дрона.


Quinn was born in Galway, Ireland in 1938. He said that he came from a poor family, and had five brothers and sisters. They left Galway for Chicago when he was young, and one of his sisters died on the way. Quinn later became a thug in the local mafia in Chicago. During this time, he was involved in a shootout with Al Capone’s Chicago Outfit, but he luckily survived; he was then nicknamed Lucky.

In an unknown year, Quinn became the boss of the Chicago South Club, which became even more powerful under his reign. Quinn made a deal with the Blume Corporation and helped finance the CTOS project in exchange for access to the network, giving Quinn even more power. Thanks to the Bellwether code from Blume, Quinn recorded a video of mayor Donovan Rushmore murdering Rose Washington, a former employee from Blume, which he used as a blackmail to control the mayor, and also arranged his re-election. Quinn also associated the Club with the Black Viceroys led by Delford «Iraq» Wade. Both lead to a major human trafficking ring. Quinn is also a billionaire and owns many businesses such as the prestigious Merlaut Hotel in Mad Mile, Chicago.

In 2012, two hackers, Aiden Pearce, and Damien Brenks, hacked in the Merlaut Hotel to siphon the customers’ bank accounts. Quinn, however, thought that they were looking for Rushmore’s footage. Quinn hired Clara Lille to identify the duo and Iraq (who hired Maurice Vega) to carry out the hit. Lena Pearce, Aiden’s niece, died in the attack. Aiden then swore that the one who ordered the hit would die, and would be the one to eventually kill him by hacking his pacemaker.

Quinn is also described to be a philanthropist, though it is assumed that it is actually a cover-up for the Club’s activities. The people of Chicago have a generally positive opinion about Quinn, which means they are unaware of Quinn’s ties with the Club and the CTOS.


  • In addition to being a hacker, the original version of Josh was a popular online star with high energy like Wrench.
  • Ironically, Josh’s actor has admitted in an interview that he is bad with computers and has even broken a few of them.
  • In order to get into Josh’s character, actor Jonathan Dubsky had to do considerable research into Asperger’s syndrome and Autism-spectrum disorders. Dubsky claims that the most helpful item was Look Me In The Eye by John Elder Robison, an autobiography about a man who grew up not knowing he had Asperger’s syndrome until late into his life.
  • After the events of Eye For An Eye, Josh hacked into the Tezcas bank accounts and sent money to Horatio’s family.
  • Josh claims he wanted to be an astronaut when he was a kid.
  • Josh doesn’t seem to like alcohol; when his friends are drinking beers, he can be seen drinking a soda.


Sitara’s taken full advantage of the education system. She’s studied marketing, psychology, PR, and just about anything related to art, but most of her hacking ability is self-taught. She thought moving away from the shallow LA culture to downtown SF would be a healthy change, but found hollow celebrities replaced by soulless tech giants. It’s a perfect place for her artistic rebellion-where culture is being crushed by a cold industry. Dedsec is her chosen tool to fight back and she’s carefully crafting the SF group in her image, making sure every public message is on-point and every logo packs a punch.


Peeping Toms

Brief: Sometimes, you have to cut loose, and DedSec needs some R&R.

  • Objective:
    • Meet DedSec at the Thalassa Bar
    • Locate who’s spying on DedSec
    • Download data from the spy
    • Abandon the van

Brief: Wrench has a favorite café? Guess it’s a good time to meet him there and formulate a plan.

  • Objective:

Cabbie for Hire

Brief: Marcus needs some time away from prying eyes to talk to Miranda. He decides to take her for a pleasant drive.

  • Objective:
    • Select «Cabbie for Hire» in the Driver SF App
    • Acquire this vehicle to pick up Miranda
    • Pick up Miranda
    • Drive Miranda to her mother’s house

Dellums Towers

Brief: DedSec wants to learn about FBI surveillance starting with the HQ in Dellums Towers, so reach the mysterious contact using a pay phone.

  • Objective:
    • Gain access to Dellums Towers
    • Investigate the FBI
    • Plant a transceiver on the antenna
    • Download spying post data from FBI server
    • Leave the FBI building

Wrench in the Works

Brief: DedSec is on the trail of the not-so-secret FBI surveillance center by using radio triangulation. You and Wrench are all about disrupting FBI activities.

  • Objective:
    • Reach the antenna
    • Plant a transceiver on the antenna
    • Infiltrate the FBI hideout
      • Retrieve Wrench’s mask
      • Download the FBI data
    • Leave the FBI Hideout
    • Return mask to Wrench


Также на Profiler можно будет скачивать и устанавливать приложения за внутриигровые деньги. Некоторые из них будут иметь функцию дополненой реальности. Вот несколько из них:

  • NVZN — игра, имеющая функцию дополненой реальности. На жителей Чикаго нападают инопланетяне, и с помощью Profiler’а нужно от них отбиваться. В геймплейном видео двое людей играли в это.
  • Cash Run — тоже игра в дополненной реальности. В ней предстоит собирать монетки и избегать красных черепов при помощи паркур-навыков персонажа. Целью игры является побить свой рекорд времени.


  • «Горячие местечки города» (англ. City Hotspot) — это приложение поможет находить полезные места и конспиративные квартиры.
  • «Помощник по выживанию» (англ. Survival Guide) — приложение, работающее в подземках, которое поможет освоиться в системах взлома или использовании предметов.

Events of Watch Dogs

DedSec can trace their origins back to Umeni which at one point sent many of their engineers to prison, subsequently, after being released many of them went on to form the group and fight against corporate injustice and corruption.

At some point in the game, they contact Aiden Pearce to target many corrupt Umeni executives to have their revenge and later on contact him again to infiltrate Danny SoSueMe’s mansion to recover data stolen from them. They also tip him on a shipment containing a Biometric Assault Rifle and to give him the whereabouts of two high ranking Chicago South Club members for him to dispose of on behalf of the group. However, Aiden is not affiliated with DedSec, though he does have dealings with some of its members.

Following Clara Lille’s death, DedSec declares her a martyr and promises a reckoning.

Near the end of the game, they contact Aiden again before he is about to take control of the CTOS satellite to ask for 30 seconds to search through the system and collect all data necessary that could help them in their quest for justice. However, Aiden refused to do so and Dedsec warned that they will not forget this.

It is revealed on one of their broadcasts during the credits that they are tired of people ignoring their warnings, stating their reputation has been damaged and that they had been attacked by other hackers such as Defalt, declaring a digital war upon Blume and the citizens of Chicago.

Despite the fact that Aiden was responsible for releasing the blackmail to the public, DedSec claims credit for this action.

Watch Dogs: Bad Blood

During the «Council of Daves» investigations, it is revealed that one of DedSec’s leaders had grown tired of the other Daves wanting more to «stroke their own egos through social media than bring real change» and wished to further militarize DedSec. The rogue Dave lured Dave04 and DaveZB over to the Ambrose Theatre, Defalt’s old haunt, and murdered them, then coded a video of Defalt’s meeting with the Daves into a QR square on the Pawnee Dam, as a message to the other Daves, to implicate Defalt. He then arranged a meeting with Daveftp, Dave Capisano and Dave_of_Spades at a construction site in Pawnee, then sent Fixers in to ambush them. However, Raymond «T-Bone» Kenney learned of his treachery in time and arrived to protect the Daves from the waves of fixers sent to kill them. The Daves pledged their gratitude to Kenney, who declared that they now owed him a favor. It is unknown what became of the treacherous Dave.


DedSec is a notorious hacking collective that operates in cities all around the world. The group itself is opposed to the implementation and use of the CTOS and has the objective of proving that the system is flawed and unnecessary. The group’s members hack into various CTOS systems for destructive purposes in order to highlight its weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

It was revealed by Clara (under the identity «BadBoy17») that DedSec has an aggressive side, where they unsuccessfully tried to attack a CTOS center in The Loop, and as a result of that failed attack, Blume added more armed guards to the center. This is given further credibility during the end credits of Watch_Dogs, where a broadcast states they won’t tolerate being ignored any longer, and in Watch_Dogs 2, where in one audio log left by another of their members, Horatio Carlin, he states that «if there was a bar ranging from «activist» to «anarchist», ‘d probably fill the whole damn thing»; additionally, that same audio log implies there are multiple branches of DedSec, as Horatio stated that he ran a few ops with the Council of Daves to see what worked for them and try to adapt it to the members of the Bay Area, before realizing that the Chicago and San Francisco Branches of DedSec couldn’t be more different from each other.

One way in which DedSec have voiced their opinion and made their presence known to the public was through their seizure of the CTOS’ official website. The website was seized and then subsequently transformed into an ambiguous advertisement page. The page was turned entirely black and covered with a DedSec logo, formed from ASCII characters. Similarly, tagging and graffiti has been sprayed onto a number of CTOS advertisement media and other Chicago signposts.

Audio logs left by one of their members, G1gg1L3s, reveals that the Chicago branch of DedSec’s leaders are referred to as the «Council of Daves», or just «the Daves», because they all include the name Dave in their usernames in online communications.


Josh is socially awkward, mostly quiet with little to say and doesn’t seem as emotional as the other cast members. He also doesn’t understand some slang words unless they’re explained to him, such as «cornhole», however, he has a sense of humor similar to that of the other members of DedSec and often makes quiet jokes during cutscenes with the rest of the team. Josh himself implies that he has Asperger’s Syndrome during the Swelter Skelter segment of Looking Glass, and later confirms it in the DLC mission Caustic Progress. It is also referenced in Horatio’s report on Josh where he is referred to as having high-functioning autism. Josh’s voice actor, Jonathan Dubsky, has also revealed in an interview that Josh, his character, has Asperger’s.

Josh holds himself to a very high standard — at the beginning of Looking Glass, he is the first to discover the presence of bot accounts on their social media pages, but is still very hard on himself for not finding it sooner. He is also shown to be more streetwise than his demeanor might suggest, such as when he tricks Lenni Kastner with a sleight of hand at the end of Caustic Progress and closes with the one-liner «Don’t fuck with the Hawt Sauce».


  • «Dermot» is the anglicized form for «Diarmaid», which means «without injunction».
  • His nickname, «Lucky», might be a reference to Charles «Lucky» Luciano, who ran the «National Crime Syndicate» in the Prohibition era.
  • Quinn has a modified cane that houses a sharp blade attached to the pommel, pointing downwards when inside the cane, as seen in «Backseat Driver».
  • He has an annual income of $10,022,700, which previously was the highest income for any Watch Dogs character, until the introduction of Watch Dogs 2‘s Dušan Nemec and Gene Carcani, who have incomes of $110,029,000 and $1,705,032,700, respectively.
  • In one of his audio logs, Quinn says that he is disgusted by the auction, and by man’s libido. He hopes that, when he has enough trust in Iraq, he will not have to attend the auctions anymore.
  • At the age of 75, he is the game’s oldest character.



Sitara is originally from Los Angeles, but disliked the hollow celebrity culture and thought that downtown San Francisco would be a healthy change. But instead she found the hollow celebrities being replaced by soulless tech corporations. She was once with a group of artists who helped her improve her skills, but she soon left them as they were more interested in making money then making a statement. She also studied marketing, PR, psychology, and many things related to art. Her primary role in DedSec is that of a public image specialist, with every public message being on-point and with every logo packing a punch. Sitara runs her own DedSec blog.

Her parents are from Kolkata, India. According to one of Horatio’s audio logs, they were very wealthy. They wanted her to apply to multiple Ivy League schools and for a job at Nudle, but Sitara wasn’t interested and was instead motivated to rally against crony capitalism out of resentment for her parents’ business practices. She became a member of DedSec and during the events of Watch Dogs 2, she works with Wrench, Josh, Horatio and T-Bone, from the San Francisco Hackerspace to assist Marcus Holloway in his quests to take down the giant tech corporations.

Audio Logs

Audio File: Horatio’s Report #02 — Found inside the first Hackerspace.

«DedSec found Josh…Hawt Sauce…posting anti-ctOS videos on !Nvite . Kid had a plastic Halloween mask over his face—a skull…but like the worst dollar-store skull you could find. You could see his eyes through it — big no-no when it comes to avoiding a profiler. He had distorted his voice, but didn’t change his speech patterns. See Josh, he’s high-functioning autistic—which means he’s got a very specific way of talking. Sitara found him easily, but he wasn’t at all what we expected. When you get down to pure coding, Josh operates on a higher level than the rest of us. We got a look at his ctOS profile and all kinds of nasty flags popped up. «Emotionally challenged», «unstable», even a low «mental maturity» score. He’s none of those things and he quickly became the activist soul of our group. He has a black and white way of seeing things, fair and unfair, which means he can be refreshing and often hilarious. We caught a glimpse of the damages the ctOS dealt him: rejected care programs, cut funding…overcharges. We offered to help him make things right. When we met Josh, he had the right intentions and the wrong approach-like a laser putting on a pretty lightshow instead of burning holes. If Blume’s system wants to make him unemployable, damn straight we’re going to snatch him up and point him right back at ’em.»


Клара Лилл

Основная статья: Клара Лилл

У Эйдена и Клары есть сходные интересы в том, чтобы найти неизвестного хакера и врага Эйдена из DedSec. Эйден отмечает, что Клара «является опасно непредсказуемой, но она лучшая хакерша, которую я знаю», подразумевая, что он не полностью доверяет Кларе, но вынужден заручиться ее поддержкой.

Джорди Чин

Основная статья: Джорди Чин

У Эйдена и Джорди отношения любви-ненависти; хотя Эйден может раздражать Джорди, эти двое действительно понимают друг друга и работают вместе.


Основная статья: Ти-Боун Грэди

Эйден и Ти-Боун — напарники. Ти-Боун выручает Эйдена на протяжении всей игры. Как видно в некоторых трейлерах, Эйден и Ти-Боун — друзья.

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